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    HR people are notorious for tossing resumes that have ethnic or … I've run into a
    number of people who use their middle name as their first …Don't use your middle initial. In my years as a career services professional, I have
    found that approximately 90% of my clients are hell-bent on having their name …Putting your name on your resume is not as simple as it seems. Should you use
    your nickname or your formal name? Include your middle initial? How about Jr.Nov 30, 2015 Why you should include your Middle Initial or Name in your Resume … You use
    your middle name as your preferred first name. David Richard …Nov 11, 2013 Don't use email addresses (perhaps remnants of your grade-school … "If you
    have a common name, consider including your middle initial on …Sep 23, 2014 Name discrimination is less spoken about and harder to detect, but …. their name
    affecting the likelihood of a call back, the use of a middle …Apr 24, 2015 On your resume, using your professional name — with that middle initial — has
    been proven to make you look smarter according to that study …Jun 30, 2011 Not putting the name you go by on your resume is a problem for … Your
    restaurant name should be on all the marketing material that you are using to …
    So you ask, “What should I do if I go by a nickname or my middle name?All the people I know who exclusively use their middle name, leave their first off of
    ….. Downside to using a "fake" last name on your resume?Feb 10, 2011 Do you guys put your middle initial on your resume? … have a middle name and I
    do so I always use middle initial to differentiate ourselves.Aug 6, 2003 … a résumé? Middle names are just an unnecessary distraction. … Use a font size
    that can be read by someone over the age of 40. Remember: …Feb 28, 2016 Technically, yes. However, I wouldn't recommend "First Initial + Middle Name +
    Last Name" format on resume or CV for the following reasons: 1. Your second …For future interviews/resumes, use either the name you prefer or First Initial
    Middlename Surname, a la S. Epatha Merkerson and make sure …May 11, 2014 Including your middle initial makes people think you're smarter, reports a … The
    Resume Addition That Makes You Instantly Appear Smarter …There's nothing unprofessional about middle names, or about Katie, Jim, … I
    understand using your real name on a resume/application, but in …Feb 3, 2017 Yes, I go by my middle name and have for ages – I use my full name for my
    resume (first, middle and last) and then I introduce myself using …I suggest you use your common name (the name that you use on a daily basis)
    on your resume. You don't have to list your legal formal name and middle name …May 5, 2014 It may sound cliché, but using your middle initial in intellectual … But if you're
    writing a book or beefing up your résumé, it might be worth …However, is it illegal to use only my middle name and last name in my resume, or
    I need to disclose my full first name, middle name, and last …If you normally go by a different name other than your real legal name (example:
    you go by your middle name), then use that in the heading. However, if you use …

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