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    If you're like many women, you'll also turn to your OBGYN. In fact, research shows
    nearly half of all OBGYNs consider themselves primary care physicians (PCP) …May 30, 2018 Family medicine doctor; OB/GYN; Pediatrician; Internal medicine doctor … The
    same PCP can be selected for both and OB/GYN PCP can be …Nov 7, 2016 Although obgyns give guidance first and foremost on women's … Even so, an
    annual physical exam by a primary care provider (PCP) will …"PCP" is a acronym or abbreviation that is used to describe a primary health care
    … This includes kids, also called pediatrics, and OB/GYN care, which is for girls …Aug 25, 2014 Here are seven reasons why it's wise to see your PCP first before … Tags: ob gyn,
    Pap test, primary care, primary care provider, women, …I suggest that, if possible, you establish relationships with both an OBGYN and a
    PCP so you'll have someone to turn to for any medical concerns that may arise.I notice as a family physician that the Ob/Gyns that see my patients don't do the
    routine … Ob/gyn for ob/gyn issues in co-ordination with a PCP and a PCP for the
     …Nov 28, 2012 Since obgyns see women as their regular practice, they will be more in tune with
    … If the health care provider is not an obgyn, it is essential that the person “have
    … A woman's choice for a PCP will likely vary with age.OBJECTIVE: To examine women's perceptions of their obstetrician/gynecologist (
    obgyn) as primary care pro- vider (PCP) and comfort in receiving primary care …Access to Ob/Gyn and PCP. The mandates discussed here are effective for plan
    years beginning on or after September 23, 2010, and apply to …Jan 7, 2011 Is it necessary to ever go to an obgyn again if you are done having …. exam and
    pap smear was MUCH less painful than when my pcp did it.With my first, I got a confirmation from a clinic before choosing an OBGYN. At the
    time I didn't have an established PCP. Now I already have …Oct 25, 2015 A number of Connecticut OBGYNs and other women's health care specialists
    said … They'll go to either their OBGYN or to their PCP and then, …Feb 4, 2015 OB/GYN for a pap, pelvic, and breast exam, payment should be … who will
    perform her annual preventive physical exam, her PCP or OB/GYN.In some instances, an ob/gyn physician can also elect to serve the role of primary
    care provider. Ask your ob/gyn if he or she is also a primary care provider or …You can choose your doctors, from among any primary care provider (PCP) or …
    You don't need a referral for OBGYN services – you can choose an OBGYN …Your PCP is the best resource to help you access the health care system. …
    Referrals must be provided by your PCP or OB/GYN, or by a EmblemHealth
    network …What is a primary care physician (PCP)?; What types of doctors serve as primary
    care … general practitioner, pediatrician or obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN).Feb 15, 2016 If you're like most young moms, you have an OB/GYN who you would … The
    primary care provider (PCP) you see likely will be a physician who …Your PCP is often a partner in keeping you healthy. A pediatrician can serve as
    your child's PCP. An OB/Gyn can serve as a female member's PCP.

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