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    Apr 18, 2018 A catchy hook, an infectious chant: an earworm is a simple thing. Writing one,
    however, is not. Here's why earworms are so effective – and hard …Aug 14, 2012 But here's the funny thing about earworms: we'd love to write one. You have to
    admit, you'd feel a certain sense of smugness and satisfaction if …Aug 10, 2016 A pop song is a cocktail of memory cues that goes down easy.How to Write a Catchy Song. We are all familiar with those catchy songs that
    seem to get stuck inside our heads. Scientists call these kinds of songs "
    earworms" …Sep 29, 2014 Earworms are the worst, right? Maybe not – if you're the songwriter. Here are four
    elements that every catchy song has in common.Nov 3, 2016 When writing a song, the trick to make it catchy is to keep it as simple as possible
    – but make sure there is a twist, research has revealed.Feb 28, 2014 The structure of an earworm is universal, from classical piano compositions to the
    bounciest pop song.Jan 28, 2014 Now that the 2014 Grammy Awards are over, a lot of people are wondering if
    there's a formula to writing a successful pop song. Producers like …May 7, 2018 Prime examples of earworms named in the study include Bad Romance by Lady
    Gaga, Don't Stop Believing by Journey and perhaps not …Nov 3, 2016 Art of the earworm: Why some songs get stuck in your head … But could these
    findings change the way composers write music? And if so …

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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