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    Write a check for cash back: depending on where you buy your money orders, you might be able to write a check for something else (like groceries) and get cash back. Ask the customer service desk or cashiers if this is possible, and what the maximum limits are.Why are checks more advantageous than money orders? The only advantage a check has over a money order us that anyone with a bank account can write out a check – the process of creating a check is simpler (and free).Use a money order. Money orders are as good as cash.I want to send a check for $100.00 to Newfoundland Canada for a wedding gift. Can I just write a check from my Bank America Bank account?You cannot pay for a money order with a personal check. Checks can take a few days to process.If you want to be able to write personal checks from your checking account, you will probably have to pay monthly account fees.People still write checks, but this is becoming less common as the money system becomes more technologically advanced and abstract.anon6978 Post 5. i want to know how to figure out the Money Order # for a particular MoneyOrder.. thanks.Paying with a Check. Bank drafts, cashier’s checks, certified checks, personal checks, and money orders must be drawn on U.S. financial institutions and payable in U.S. funds.On the “Pay to the Order of” line write: “U.S. Department of Homeland Security.” (not “USDHS” or “DHS”).Really, you shouldn’t pay more than $2 for a money order.Money order issuer: Chase. Fees and limits: $5 each up to $1,000; free if you have a Chase Premier Platinum Checking account.For a money order, you prepay the specific amount, which reserves the funds until the money order is cashed.The accountholder and the person to whom the certified check was written can sue the bank if it refuses to honor the check.A money order is a form of payment that serves as an alternative to cash or personal checks. When you get a money order, you pay the order amount upfront to the vendor. Then the recipient can take the money order to their bank or other location to deposit or cash it.Money orders are very different from personal bank checks and bank blank checks because the numbers printed on the front part will tell you a lot.A money order is similar to a check, in that only the person or organization it is made out to should be able to cash it, whether at a U.S. Post Office, check-cashing location or bank. Unlike a check, a money order is prepaid rather than linked to funds in a particular bank account.To write a check for your OPT application, you will need to start by making sure that the check has your name and address pre-printed in the top left corner. If there is no address printed, we recommend getting a money order instead.You can write a check up to the monetary balance you have in your account.2. Payee: Write the name of the person or company to whom you’re paying money with the check.The order of these numbers may differ on your check and may include some special symbols different than those shown.If you are making a tax payment by check, money order, or cashier’s check, be sure that it’s made payable to the “United States Treasury” (or “ U.S. Treasury”). Write your Social Security Number (or Employer Identification Number), the tax period…When should I use a money order? There are times when using cash or personal checks can put you at risk, or they aren’t accepted for payment. Here are five examples where money orders are the best payment method

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