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    Is this 45mg coming from 15mg IR 3/day? … The way you can tell you're taking
    too much Adderall is when you start to abuse …. My son is taking 90 mg of
    Adderall XR daily, he is a freshman in high school and his grades are?Apr 17, 2012 Currently I am taking 45mg of desoxyn & 60mg of adderall a day which …. I have
    a question about taking too much adderall concerning my brother. … I take 20mg
    XR two times a day, one at 8:30 am and one at 12 noon, 40mg …Apr 28, 2012 But sometimes people take too much Adderall? …. about 7:30am, and then
    another 30 mg tablet when I get home from school about 4:45. … I was on 70mg
    of adderall xr everyday for 2 weeks straight, my main concern is if this …May 22, 2012 Here, we reveal how much Adderall is too much and explore what … Adults may
    be prescribed anything from 5-60 mg of Adderall per day, depending on their
    situation. …. been taking 30mg of adderall xr every other day (not prescribed). …..
    then one before i have to drive 45 minutes for my appointment?Basically, I would LIKE to keep taking adderall recreationally, but I … 120mg XR
    is ok, it means you only got 60mg IR twice which is about 45mg …Consider how much your sleep truly affects your health. … 60mg* XR (2x30mg)
    30–45 min before I wake up … So every morning I take 40 mg of Adderall.If you or your child takes too much ADDERALL XR. ® or overdoses, call … The 20
    mg, 25 mg, and 30 mg capsules also contain red iron oxide and yellow iron …Dec 14, 2009 Adderall XR has the same composition of Adderall — mixed … Don't go crazy with
    taking it too much because you will cause that … My doc keeps me at 60 mg a
    day, no more. a few days a week I take 30-45mg a day. I kind of …I take 15 mg twice a day and might need adjusting and would like to get … I have
    to agree about too much Adderall at once can damage your heart and … I take
    Adderrall XR 20mg in the morning at 7/8ish, and it usually lasts only to about 4pm
    .Aug 15, 2012 The best advice is to stay with a small dose prob under 15 mg for your first try. …
    Sooooo, about dosage, i have taken 75mg Adderall XR for 3-4days in a row … (
    for only about 30-45mins) and if you took XR, you may have trouble sleeping. …
    Too many times my cat has chatted off a parents ear and raised …

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